01 July 2012


Day 17 – A song that no one would expect you to love

Beautiful People- Marilyn Manson

I know right?! Haha! J I like this song because of the music and the chorus. Back when I was a BGG (band geek gangster- so named by this guy coming up), in seventh and eighth grade, my cousin married a guy in the military. They lived with us for a while and he became my best friend. Looking back, I feel bad for him because he had this little teenage girl hanging around him all the time. Oh gosh! He was pretty much my counselor. I would talk to him about a lot of things and he would LISTEN. That was a big thing for me at that age. Heck it’s still a big thing now. At that age, it was pretty much just about my family and my middle-child-syndrome issues. J Anyways, so whenever he would drive me around we would listen to this tape (yes, I said tape) with just this song on it. At first I was like, whoa this is a weird song. But then I started to love it. I couldn’t understand the verses for a long time. I only knew what the chorus said. I looked up the lyrics, sometime within the last year and found out what it says. Not what I thought. Huh. This song brings back good times with my cousin’s (now ex) husband. And I think that’s mostly why I like it.

This week has been crazy w/ weather. Severe and thunder storms, tons lighting, high winds, heat advisories and more! Lots of areas and states still w/o power, thankfully we have power. I know it’s gonna be hot in St. George but I think I’ll manage just fine after surviving the weather from this week. J Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life.

P.S. I started to weed through my stuff, one step closer to actually packing. J

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