16 March 2010

Weekend Fun

Two weeks ago was my birthday! Emily got me a cake from Costco and she and the rest of the Blue House threw me a party! We got this dinosaur cake. It was either the dinosaur or a caterpillar, which had a body made of giant globs of frosting. Eh, that was gonna be too much frosting! Besides, dinosaurs are reptiles, and turtles are reptiles, so dinosaur cake, turtle cake, same diff. :)

My birthday was on Sunday, and my party was on Monday. All that weekend I was in Washington and Oregon visiting family w/ Karyn. It was so much fun!

The next weekend I was in Logan w/ Carrie, Hector, and Isabella. We had a blast! We almost didn't go because it was snowing a lot the morning of the day we were gonna drive up. Luckily it stopped and the sun came out and melted a lot of the snow. We stayed w/ Carrie's sister and other family members. It was great! Isabella is such a cutie and meeting Carrie's family was awesome! They are all such great people.

Carrie and Hector just bought a house and we are all moving in about 6 weeks to Lehi! Yea, Carrie and Hector! It is an awesome house and the basement is amazing! I haven't seen it, but Carrie said it's bigger and nicer. I'm really excited, but not so much for the packing part of it all. But I think w/ the three of us getting it done, it'll be quick and easier. I hope!

Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!