14 April 2010

Time We Spent Together...

Hooray! I bought an ukulele! This is not my first uke, but it is the first one I bought. This is actually my third one. My very first one... I don't know what happened to it. My second one, my little brother took over. At least I'm pretty sure my first and second ones were two different ukes... Oh well!

This is my beautiful concert Lanikai ukulele. I went down to visit Karyn and we then went over to Las Vegas, in search of my new "baby." We had no luck in St. George and didn't find one until our third store in Las Vegas. I think in total we went to 5 shops. The funny thing is, one shop wasn't even there anymore. The signs we still up and it was still listed, but the actual place was empty! Who knows for how long!

The wonderful people at Guitar Center off of Charleston, were great and super helpful! Well, mostly this guy Joe. He was way cool! Thanks again Joe! In the near future, I plan on "personalizing" my baby by adding a sticker or two. :)

We are still working on getting that house in East Lehi. *fingers crossed* We are so close to being done and moving in! Carrie said I could use both rooms downstairs, so I am way excited! One would be my room, of course, and the other would be an office/entertaining area. Like a living room or something. I will need to repaint, and that will be fun. But you all know me and making decisions! It will be hard to figure out how to paint it and decorate it. I'm definitely open to suggestions! :)

Thanks again Karyn, for helping me to find my baby and for letting me come see you! It is always historical when we get together! Jimmy Johns, what?! :) Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

06 April 2010


I apologize for my lack of blogging... Yet again! I have some updates to give. Hector and Carrie are still trying to buy a house, however, the house they were trying to buy before fell through. It didn't appraise and they tried to get the owners to drop the price, but no luck. We looked at some other houses and they put an offer on another great house, on the other side of Lehi. We are currently waiting for the appraisal on this one. Fingers crossed!

I recently quit my other two jobs, the Distribution Center and CPK. I am a little sad, because I loved working both places, but mostly working with the people there. I will and do miss it, but I love spending more time with Isabella and not feeling like I'm leaving Carrie guys high and dry. It's been so fun because Isabella has been learning so much lately! She now knows all of her body parts in English and Spanish. She also knows one in Hawaiian! :) I love it! Maybe I'll teach her all of her body parts in Hawaiian too!

Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!