30 August 2010

The great outdoors

This past weekend was a blast! The girls and I went camping at Strawberry Reservoir with the Scobells, the Munions, Sanford and Scott. We had so much fun! There was fishing, catching crawdads, roasting 'mallows and hot dogs, and a ton of fun! Not to mention a lot of campfire smoke inhalation. :)

The Scobells posing when we got there

Me and Pohai ready for bed

Siting around the campfire on our last day

The trip was a success, even with thunderstorms and lightning. Heidi caught a fish the first day and then two more fish were caught the next day. We had a lot of crawdads but we threw back a cooler full since we didn't eat them. That was the first time I had crawdads and they are pretty tasty. They really are just little lobsters. :) Oh, and Dave brought up the ATV and a dirt bike. Again, loads of fun! We are going to plan our next camp out soon, so we can all go again before the weather gets too cold.

Thanks everyone for making my first camp out in Utah a blast! Can't wait for the next one! Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

16 August 2010

Weekend adventures

This past weekend was way fun! It actually started on Wednesday for me. I know, that doesn't count as the weekend but too bad. :) It's counting today.

Wednesday- Pohai came over to my place and hung out pretty much all day. We picked up Emily during her lunch hour and had lunch at JCW's. They're actually pretty good. They use REAL crispy bacon on their burgers! Then after Emily was finished with work, we all went back to Provo and I slept over at the Blue House.

Thursday- In all honesty, not a lot happened but Pohai made me breakfast and we hung out. She cleaned the house and I did some homework.

Friday- Dave and Heidi's sealing and reception! It was so fun! I love those two so much! :) They are so perfect for one another it almost hurts. Heidi was especially gorgeous this day and Dave was looking good in pink. I was privileged enough to attend the sealing and it was so sweet! There was a little luncheon after with their families and the girls and I were also invited. Woo-hoo! Never been to a wedding luncheon before. The reception was very simple but so adorable! Loved it! When it was time to go, Dave and Heidi danced out the door to "Walk it Out." Duh, what other song would you walk out to?

Saturday- Shopping and lunch with the girls. One of Emily's co-workers came with us out to South Towne and we went to Torrid. We had lunch at Sweet Tomato and then later we went to Jordan's Landing shopping center and went to a few shops out there. It was just window shopping for me but it was fun, even though we shopped ALL DAY! I know I know. That's every girl's dream come true but not mine! I don't like to shop for long periods of time. When I go shopping for myself, that's the only exception for taking long. Otherwise, I'm done after about an hour. Then we had dinner at Fuddruckers and then home for some much needed rest.

Sunday- Went to church at my old ward and learned about bed bugs. Dude, no joke. They are a serious health issue if you don't take it serious. If you ever have this problem, you need to get rid of them professionally or they will keep coming back! Did you know that bed bugs don't need oxygen, can survive cold temperatures, and don't become noticeable until after five times of feeding? They also have a preferred blood type, so one person can be more prone to bits than another. Gross! Sorry for grossing you out, but I thought I'd share some info in case you need it. After church we relaxed at the Blue House and had lasagna for dinner and then some toffee and chocolate chip cookies, while watching "Life is Beautiful."

That was my weekend update y'all! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well. Make the most of the rest of your summer, as it is winding down rapidly.

As I was writing this post, there was a song that was playing in my head and I thought I'd share it with you.

I apologize for the lack of my closing quote in a few of my previous posts. But no worries, it is here once again! Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

07 August 2010

Online dating scene

Yep. I jumped on that band wagon. My sister and I had talked about me joining an online dating site, last Christmas. I think we gave me a year and if I wasn't in a relationship or had any candidates then I would sign up by my 28th birthday. Which is rapidly approaching. Well, not really. It's only August and I have until February. As I was contemplating my next move, I decided to jump on. I signed up on...
I was reluctant. I really didn't want to pay another monthly fee, especially to meet guys, but after two weeks or so I took the plunge. I am now a full member of an online dating service! I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it but I guess it could only help my chances, right? Now it's just a matter of waiting to see if any of the guys I messaged will respond. Don't you love learning patience? I know I do (sarcasm? yes).