02 July 2012

What'd You Call Me?

Day 16- A song that describes you

Big Deal- Anuhea

My first thought was Diva by Beyoncé. J Hehee! I realize that this may put me in a light that shouts, ARROGANT! But truly I am not. This song illustrates how I feel when I see/meet a guy that I’m attracted to. I DO think I’m a “big deal.” I’m not like other girls. I mean, of course I am in most stereotypical ways but at the same time, I’m not. If you wanna go hang out w/ your boys, go for it! In fact, I encourage it. I’ll go hang out w/ my girls, my family, or just chill at home alone. I’m not high maintenance. I like to look good but I don’t require expensive gifts or fancy dates. I’m a practical girl. My family is poor. I understand. In more ways than you might realize. Huh, it’s interesting how this post has turned into some kind of dating profile. J My favorite line is “or start by saying hi, just say my name right…” Haha! It’s true though. I hate when people don’t say my name right. It really isn’t that difficult of a name. I blame my mom. She always told me to correct people when saying my name. It even bugs me when people don’t say someone else’s name right. I’m a stickler when it comes to names, I guess. *sigh*

Anywho, I’m pretty awesome. And maybe one day, a guy- who is equally awesome, will come along and scoop me up. Until then… be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

1 comment:

  1. you ARE a big deal, an amazing one! i can totally relate to ppl mis-saying my name. got it my whole life. anywhos, with an amazing young woman like yourself, you will have an equally amazing guy. you sure deserve it!!!