04 July 2012

Plan B

Day 14 - A song you hear often on the radio

Where Have You Been- Rihanna

She is everywhere! If it’s not this song it’s another one of hers. The air waves have been taken over by Rihanna and Drake. At least they do what they do well and by the looks of their dominating the air waves, very well. J

Today was an interesting holiday. We left in the late morning to go and do something. Busch Gardens was having a deal for those in the military, free admission. Nani printed out the coupons for them to get in for free. On our way out there, mind you it takes about an hour to get out there (w/o traffic), Nani was on hold trying to figure out whether or not the deal included retired military. After about 40 minutes on hold, despite the recording saying it would be a 20 minute wait, she finally spoke to someone saying it was ONLY active duty. We were practically there by that point so we took an earlier exit to get lunch and figure out what we were going to do. No one wanted to spend a lot of money so we needed a new plan. Our friend said that it was on the news for free admission for (active and retired) military so we tried to search where the deal could have been going on. Turns out it was King’s Dominion. This was another hour or so from where we were. We get there, after what seems like a three hour drive (ha, *sings* three hour tour) we arrive at King’s Dominion. Keep in mind that Nani called before leaving McDonald’s to make sure the deal was in fact for active AND retired military. The person said it was for both and their family. We park, after paying $15 for parking and make our way up to the park entrance and ticket lines. Don’t forget about the ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having. They get up to the window and turns out ONLY the sponsor gets in free and the dependents have to pay a discounted price of about $40. Minus Matt, that’s another four tickets to get. No thank you! We made our way back to the car, drove back to the parking booth and asked for a refund since we were there all of five minutes. Turns out the people working the parking booths were just as outraged as we were. They didn’t give us any hassles for a refund and gave us back the money straightaway. What was planned to be a fun and eventful day turned out to be hot and boring four hour car ride. Thankfully, later in the evening we had fun. We went out to dinner at a Cost Vida/ Café Rio wannabe place and then made our way to the ocean front to watch the fireworks. It was definitely hot and muggy but around the time that the fireworks started there was a little breeze that made it all bearable. After the show was done a slightly stronger breeze was coming through cooling us off.

Despite our downs of today we still had some pretty good ups. And we made it through a holiday w/o any fights! Yay! Happy birthday America! Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

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