05 July 2012

What'cha Say?

Day 13 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio

Walk the Dinosaur- Was (Not Was)

Haha! This takes me back to my hanabaddah (basically pre-k to kindergarten) days. How do you even spell that? I remember seeing the video on MTV (again, how I watched so much MTV at such a young age, I do not know) and then years later hearing the song on the Super Mario Bros. movie. More recently, Queen Latifah recorded a version of the song for the soundtrack of “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” This song is where I got my “boom shaka-laka” catchphrase from. Yep, according to my nephews, I have a catchphrase. I think they said I have two, but I at least know for sure that this is one of them. J However, after watching the video again, while typing this out, I’ve come to realize that it’s not “boom shaka-laka” but rather “boom acka-lacka.” Oh well, too late. I’ve been saying it for a while now. How awesome would it be to hear this song blaring on the radio? SO AWESOME! J I would settle for any other song that was big back then. You know, back when it was truly music. Ha, we won’t get into that.

Um hello! Less than two weeks already?! Holy cow! I went through more stuff today. I shredded a lot of papers that I had for no good reason. I repacked a box that was never fully unpacked. Does that count as packing? Because that’s about the extent of my packing today. It was 104 degrees today so the boys and I swam in our little eight foot wide pool and threw water balloons at each other. J I was NOT about to stay in the house and pretend to pack. It’s times like these that I wish Merlin would come to my house and pack all my stuff into his doctor bag. If only… Be strong, be happy, and find the joy in your life!

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